RHC7 24100-169024100-1690B 24100-1690C 241001690B 241001690C 7T-544 7T544 C71CAD-S0041B C71CAD-S0041S C71CADS0041B C71CADS0041S S241001690H06CTHino Truck with H06CT EngineVA860015 553T-546 C71CAD-S0041C C71CADS0041C 1000040141TURBOCHARGER

Model: RHC7
Part NO.: 24100-1690
OEM.: 24100-1690B, 24100-1690C, 241001690B, 241001690C, 7T-544, 7T544, C71CAD-S0041B, C71CAD-S0041S, C71CADS0041B, C71CADS0041S, S241001690
Engine: H06CT
Application Hino Truck with H06CT Engine
C.H.R.A VA860015 (553T-546)(C71CAD-S0041C, C71CADS0041C)(1000040141
Repair Kits