HQ0512 S2A 317014 04232252KZ 4232252KZ 04232894KZ 04233174KZ 04234297KZ 4232894KZ 4233174KZ 4234297KZ 04232252 03045406 BF4K310 BF4L914 BF4M913 315728 1996-12 Deutz Industrial Engine with BF4M913 BF4L914 BF4K310 Engine 1998-04 Deutz Various with BF4M913 BF4L914 BF4Ke TURBOCHARGER

Model: S2A
Part NO.: 317014
OEM.: 04232252KZ, 4232252KZ, 04232894KZ, 04233174KZ, 04234297KZ, 4232894KZ, 4233174KZ, 4234297KZ, 04232252, 03045406
Engine: BF4K310, BF4L914, BF4M913
Application "1996-12 Deutz Industrial Engine with BF4M913, BF4L914, BF4K310 Engine 1998-04 Deutz Various with BF4M913, BF4L914, BF4Ke"
C.H.R.A 315728
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