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VJ26 Ford Ranger, Mazda RHF5 turbocharger VD430089

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Part Number VD430013

Previous Part Numbers VA430013, VB430013, VC430013, VD430013, VE430013, VF430013

OE Numbers WL84, XN349G348AB, WL84.13.700

Year 1999-03

V-Spec. VJ26, VJ26E, VJ33

Description Mazda B2500, Ford Ranger Crew Cab

Canadian Red Cross VCX50024 (1000040119)

Turbo Model RHF5-70003P12NHBRL3730CFZ

Engine J97A, 115 J97A, WLT

Engine Manufacturer Ford

Displacement 2.5L, 2500 ccm, 4 cyl.

Fuel Diesel

OEM Turbo code WL1113700, WL84.13.700

kW/rev 109/2500

Angle α (compressor housing) 270°

Angle β (turbine housing) 20°

Bearing seat (water-cooled)(1900011215)

Turbine (Ind. 44.80 mm, Exd. 40.25 mm, 8 blades)(1100016279)

Comparison wheel (Ind. 36.44 mm, Exd. 52.52 mm, 5+5 blades, Superback)(1200016340)

Back plate (1300016102)

Heat shield quantity (2030016082B)

Repair kit NH459801 (NZ852748, 2445094)(5000080009)

Turbine housing NH459109

Compressor cover NH453322

Actuator NH961511 (2061016580)

Turbine housing AR 12

Gasket (turbine inlet) 210276 (2445051) (metal)

Gasket (turbine outlet) 210650 (2445330) (metal)

Gasket (oil outlet) 210636 (2445067) (paper)

Gasket (oil inlet) (1203215, 1203715)

Gasket (water) (1203216)

Gasket kit 215278 (2505513)

Replaces VE430090

Compatible with VJ33 Interchange


1999-03 Ford Ranger Crew Cab with J97A Engine

1996- Mazda B2500 Engine 115 J97A

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