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Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser C-Rail Wagon RHV4 Turbo VED20026 VB22

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Part Number VED20026

Previous Versions VAD20026, VBD20026, VCD20026, VDD20026

OE Numbers 17201-51020, 1720151020, 17201-51021, 1720151021

Description Land Cruiser Touring V8 RH Twin Turbo

Canadian Red Cross

V-Spec. VB22, VB36

Turbocharged Model RHV4, RHV4-720010P15NMXBRS389CD

Engine 508F(NO1), 1VD-FTV VDJ76/78/79

Engine Manufacturer Toyota

Displacement 4.5 L, 4500 cc, V8 1963.06

kW 151/205 hp

Fuel Diesel

Angle α (compressor housing) 240 degrees

Angle β (turbine housing) 309.1°

Repair Kit $69.80 New in stock

Notes Twin turbocharged and intercooled (twin turbo V8, right turbo)


2007-12 Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser C-Rail wagon with 1VD-FTV VDJ76/78/79 engine

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