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Nissan X-Trail, Navara RHF4H-1 turbocharger VD420058 VN3

Product Description

Part Number VD420058

Previous Part Numbers VA420058, VA420115, VB420058,VA420115

OE Numbers 14411VK500, 14411-VK500, 14411-VK50B, 14411-VK50A, 14411-2TB0A, 14411VK50B, F41CAD-S0058B, F41CAD-S0058G, 4T-510

Description X-Trail, Navara 2.5L, Frontier, Pickup

IHI V-Spec. VN3

Canadian Red Cross VAX40028 (1450040914, 1000040128)

Turbocharged Model RHF4H-64006PZ12NHBRL362CCZ

Engine YD25DDTi, D22 YD25DDTI, MD22

Displacement 2.5 L, 2500 cm3, 4 Cylinders

kW 133/136

Fuel Diesel

Angle α (compressor housing) 357°

Angle β (turbine housing) 60°

Bearing Seat (Oil Cooling)(1450040450)

Turbine (Ind. 44.47 mm, Exd. 37.74 mm, Trm 5.25, 8 blades)(1100016014)

Compressor Impeller (Ind. 34.87 47. mm, Exd. 47. mm, Trm 4.75, 6+6 blades, Superback) (1450040412)

Back plate (1300016117)

Heat shield

Repair kit NH449811

Compressor cover NH443329

Turbine housing AR 12

Actuator NH963431 (2061016609)

Gasket kit (1900100422)


2002 - Nissan X-Trail, Frontier, Pickup with YD25DDTi engine

2002 - Nissan Navara with YD25DDTi engine

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