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Howo HX55W turbocharger 4051174

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Part Number: 4051174

OEM Number: VG1540110066\1540110066

Turbine Model: HX55W

Engine: WD615/WD615.57

Displacement: 4-7L (Gasoline), 8-11L (Diesel)

Fuel: Gasoline, Diesel

Power: 500-800 HP (Gasoline), 350-450 HP (Diesel)

Bearing: Journal

Compressor Housing B/H Connection: 197 mm V-Belt

Compressor Housing Guide Pulley Diameter: 66.0 mm

Compressor Housing Outlet Connection: 73.85 mm V-Belt

Compressor Wheel: (Ind. 65 mm, Exd. 98 mm)

Cooling: Oil

Turbine Housing A/R: 2.51 cm sq/cm

Turbine Housing B/H Connection: 112 mm V-Belt

Turbine Housing Critical Area: 20.37 cm sq

Turbine housing guide diameter: 73 mm

Turbine housing mounting bolt holes: 4 holes 70 (X) x 112.8 (Y)

Turbine housing outlet connection: 6 hole bolt connection

Turbine impeller: (86 mm OD, 72 mm OD)

Wastegate (check lift): 2.72-3.67 mm

Wastegate ELB: 60.0

Wastegate setting (lift): 2.90-3.44 mm

Wastegate setting (pressure): 1.8

Wastegate insert: 165.0

Note: Wastegate. Has a 5-inch exhaust connection with a V-band.


WD615/WD615.57 engine Steyr truck

General purpose 4-7L gasoline engine, 8-11L diesel engine

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