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GT2260VK Turbocharger 812971 for Ford Ranger 3.2L / Mazda BT50 3.2L

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GTB2256 Turbocharger 812971 Compatible with Ford Ranger 3.2L / Mazda BT50 3.2L

Turbo Model: GTB2256VK, GTB22V

Part Number: 812971

812971-5002S, 812971-0002, 812971-0007, 798166-0007, 798166-07 812971-2, 812971-0006, 812971 0006, 812971-6, 8129710006, 812971-5006S, 812971 5006S, 8129715006S

OEM No.: BK3Q-6K682-AC, BK3Q-6K682-AB, BK3Q6K682AB, BK3Q-6K682-RC, BK3Q6K682RC, BK3Q6K682AC, UH0513700

Engine: 3.2TDCI, BT-50, BT50, SAFA TDCi 200 Double Cab, Duratorq, T6, TDCi, RWD, Duratorq, 3.2d

Cooling Type: Oil Cooling

Fuel: Diesel

Actuator: Electronic Actuator Turbo


September 2011 - August 2015 Compatible with Ford Ranger PX (all models, i.e.: XL, XL Plus, Hi-Rider, Wildtrack, etc.)

November 2011 - August 2015 Compatible with Mazda BT-50 UP Chassis (all models, ie: XT, GT, XTR Freestyle Cab, etc.)

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