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Caterpillar Industrial Engines and Power Units BTV7510 Turbo 466809-0004

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Part Number 466809-5004S

Previous Versions 466809-0004, 466809-9004, 466809-4

OE Numbers 258-5636, 10R-2840, 2585636, 10R2840

Description Generator Sets, Industrial Engines and Power Plants

Canadian Red Cross 449073-0022 (449073-5022S, 712371-0178, 449073-0010)(0R7034, 148-8169, 1488169, 289-0375, 2890375)

Turbo Model BTV7510

Engine Model 3512, 3512 Ditask GS

Prefix 6GW, 99Z, BGX, BLF, BMB, BPJ, BRK, CAL, CAW, CMC, CMD, CMJ, CNB, CNF, CPA, CPG, CSZ, FDN, FDR, GAR, GZR, GZS, MGC, PRC, PTF, PTM, YAH, ZAB, ZAD, ZAF, ZAH, ZAJ, PPS, BPD, KEN, NAM, NBR, 4EK, 8LD, ZAZ, ZBA, 5JD, 7NJ, CRN, CSP, 4WD, 9TG, CPJ, CPY, SBJ, SBK, SDX, SEK, SFJ, T2X, 1NW, 2FW, 2JW, 3CW, 4BW, 6HZ, 7RN, 8CN, 8KN, 9AN, BCK, CAN, E5P, E6P, GD3, GZT, GZY, PBR, YAP, YAR, YAT, YAW, YBT, YBW, ZAP, ZAR, ZBP, ZBR, F2X, SBG, SCC, 1PW, 2EZ, 2GW, 3ZW, 4AW, 4TN, 5AW, 6WN, 7HM, 8DF, 8EM, 8RM, BRC, PWG, SW8, YAM, YAN, YAY, YAZ, F1X, 1TW, 2BM, 2HW, 3DM, 3DW, 5PS, 6PN, 7SM, BPX, C8R, S2B, 25Z, 27Z, 29Z, 3SS, 3XS, 4MJ, 5SJ, 72Z, 73Z, 7KM, 8LD, GZX, YAL, YAS, YBS, ZAL, ZBL, 24Z, 2WK, 3RS, 3WS, 49Y, 50Y, 5JD, 65Z, 66Z, 67Z, 6PM, YAK, YAX, 23Z, 3PS, 4WD, 5XM, 69Z, 70Z, 95Y, 96Y

Engine Manufacturer Caterpillar

Fuel Diesel

Displacement 51800 ccm, V12 Cyl

Generator Engine 3512B; 3512B

Generator SR4B; SR4BHV

Serial Number 8RM760-UP, 6WN803-99999, 1GZ2000-UP, 1GZ1-UP, 8RM00001-UP, 6WN00001-UP, 6GW00001-UP, CMC00001-UP, ZAH00001-UP, YAM00001-UP, YBB00001-UP, JM300001-UP

Bearing seat 449072-0001 (oil cooling)

Turbine 448953-0003 (Ind. 99.1 mm, Exd. 87.9 mm, 11 blades)

Comparison wheel 448671-0019 (Ind. 74.7 mm, Exd. 102.3 mm, Trm 53*80, 7+7 blades)

Back plate 448797-0009 (Carbon seal) (710269-0003, 452903-0001)

Heat shield 410113-0002 (407967-0003)

Repair kit 468267-0007 (468267-0006)

Turbine housing 259-8426

Gasket oil inlet 210019 (409266-0004, 210019-0000, 201049, 129119, 409266-0003)

Gasket (oil outlet) 210018 (3519763, 129120, 210018-0000, 201048, 157602, 3037537)


Caterpillar Industrial Generator Set Engines and Power Plants with 3512 Engine

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