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1998- Yanmar Marine RHE62W Turbo VC720022 MYAX

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Part Number VC720022

Previous Versions VA720022, VB720022, VD720022

OE Numbers 119773-18011, 11977318011, 119773-18010, 11977318010, 1-19773-18011, 1-19773-18010, E61CAD-S0022B, E61CADS0022B

V-SEPC. Myax

Description Marine

Canadian Red Cross VAX10016 (E61CAD-S0033C, E61CADS0033C)

Turbo Model RHE62W-118003P20NWBRB584CCZ


Displacement 41.66 L, 4166 cm3, 6 Cylinders

kW 254 HP

Fuel Diesel

Angle α (compressor housing) 225°

Angle β (turbine housing) 340°

Bearing Seat NH362709 (Oil Cooling)

Turbine NH361206 (Ind. 64.2 mm, Exd. 69.5 mm, 11 Blades)

Comparison Wheel NH364606 (Ind. 56.3 75.06 mm, Exd. 6+6 blades, Superback)

Back plate NH362112

Number of heat shields NH365303 (NB137143, NN137055)(38T-013)(129403-18720)

Repair kit NH369801 (NH369802)(2445200)

Bearing NH363001

Thrust bearing NH363051

Piston ring (turbine side) NH261604 (070T-018)

Piston ring (compressor side) NH261605 (070T-016, 115033-0000)

Turbine housing (water cooled) NH365419

Compressor cover NH364405

Turbine housing AR 20

Actuator NH961260 (NH961180)

Gasket (turbine inlet) 119773-18250

Gasket 23414-100000

Gasket 23414-080012

Gasket (turbine outlet) 128300-13230


1998- Yanmar Marine with 6LP-DTE, 6LP-DTZE engines

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