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1995-98 YANMAR Marine RHC61W Turbo VC240080 MYAV

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Part Number VC240080

Previous Versions VA240080, VB240080, VD240080

IHI Part Numbers 6T-583, 6T583

OE Numbers 119195-18031, 119195-18030, 11919518031, 11919518030, 1-19195-18031, 1-19195-18030, C61CND-S0080B, C61CND-S0080G, C61CNDS0080B, C61CNDS0080G

Short Specs MYAV, MYAV0310

Turbo Model RHC61W-1063P18NWBRLL4715CC

Canadian Red Cross NZ854798 (NZ870535)

Displacement 4.0 L, 3455 cm3, 4 cylinders

Power 169/230 hp

Engine 4LH-STE

Fuel Diesel

Angle α (compressor housing) 70°

Angle β (turbine housing) 95°

Bearing seat (water-cooled) NH163376 (NH163331)(831211260)(831211090)(oil-cooled)

Turbine NH261301D (171012) (Ind. 62. mm, Exd. 54.71 mm, 11 blades)

Comparison wheel NH265520 (170268) (Ind. 46.78 mm, Exd. 69 mm, 6+6 Blade, Superback) Goods

Back Plate NN193012 (171124)

Heat Shield Qty NH163329 (171056)

Repair Kit NH169843 (509T-538)(171079)

Turbine Housing (Water Cooled) NH167606

Compressor Cover NH164602 (NE964530)

Turbine Housing AR 18

Gasket (Oil Outlet) 831351080 (831351080, 241351081)

Insulator, Muffler NH163329

119195-18031 Part Number Changed from 119195 to 18030


1995-98 Yanmar Marine with 4LH-STE Engines

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